Avidar’s professional experience in addressing our client’s environmental challenges, and our range and depth of successful projects, allow us to provide beneficial, balanced solutions.

Representative Environmental Maintenance Projects

Representative Environmental Maintenance Projects

Stormwater Filtration Systems and Catch Basins Abutting Extensive Wetlands – Annual Cleaning

Pharmaceutical Office Campus, Waltham, MA

  • Pumping large network of catch basins and oil water separators
  • Specialized cleaning of high-efficiency filtration membranes for treatment of solids

OWS Annual Cleaning & Maintenance with Bulk and Drum Waste Disposal

Retail Mall and Offices, Cambridge, MA

Office Building, Kendall Square, MA

  • Luxury Condo Building, Boston Seaport, MA
  • Outdoor Mall and Medical Office Bldg – Chestnut Hill
  • Premier Shopping Mall – Copley Square

Catch Basins and Wetland Protection Management

Logan Airport, Boston, MA

  • Annual assessment of catch basins in vicinity of hydraulic recycling and waste disposal containers

Immediate Response Action

Boston University – 1010 Commonwealth Ave., Boston

  • Pump repair and pumping of clogged oil-water separator flooding public parking underground entrance

UST Removal and Disposal of #6 Oil and Sludge

Fire Station – Quincy Housing Authority, Quincy MA

  • Removal of two 20,000 gal #6 oil USTs

Construction Site / Redevelopment

Premier Retail Mall – Cambridge MA

  • OWS of shopping mall impacted by overload of construction sand & grit
  • Major repairs, design and upgrade of oil water separator and baffle system to block solids from entering harbor
  • Also included upgrade of dewatering multiple dewatering vaults

Immediate Response Action

Condominium Development – Waltham, MA

  • Water line break during construction resulted in clean water entering elevator shaft
  • Same-day delivery of fractionalization tank and sump pump. Regulatory approval and disposal of non-hazardous water allowed renovations to continue

Construction Site / Redevelopment

Premier Retail/Office/Luxury Condo Campus – Bethesda MD

  • Annual cleaning and maintenance of oil water separators and grease traps
  • During new construction, engineering assistance in redesign of new grease traps and repermitting with County officials
  • Additional work included replacement of 380 stormwater filter drums in underground vaults to protect nearby riverfront