Environmental Management and Compliance For Commercial Buildings and Properties

Environmental Management and Compliance
Commercial Buildings and Properties

Oil-Water Separators

  • Annual Pumping, Cleaning, Transportation, Disposal of Oily Waste

Stormwater Filtration Systems & Catch Basins

  • Annual Pumping, Cleaning of Hi-Efficiency Filtration Membrane Filters

Fuel Storage Tanks (UST, AST)

  • Monitoring, Inspections and Removal

  • Environmental Pumping, Cleaning and Disposal (Drum and Bulk)
  • System Monitoring and Regulatory Compliance
  • Year-Round Program for Monitoring, Repairs and Maintenance
  • Pipe Inspections and Cleaning
  • Immediate Response Actions for Aging/Faltering Systems and Excessive Solids Buildup
  • Office/Condo Buildings and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Parking Garages and Parking Lots with Abutting Wetlands
  • Site Redevelopment/New Construction Sites

Clarity and Focus in understanding our client’s environmental challenges

Our Environmental Management and Compliance services assist our clients in developing beneficial strategies to address environmental issues that arise for property owners, developers, property managers and engineers.

Experience and Insight in creating balanced solutions to these challenges

Avidar’s environmental services are best exemplified by our range and depth of projects completed for a client base of the region’s leading property managers, owners, and developers.

Our Mission

Avidar’s environmental professionals work to understand our clients’ project goals, and design a scope of services toward achieving those goals with fiscal responsibility, environmental compliance, and client responsiveness.